Guiding Fiduciaries on the Right Path

IFLC carries out its advocacy of independently developed standards for retirement plans and foundations through training and standards initiatives.


When you’re trying to build and maintain the highest level of care for your company’s pension plan participants or your foundation’s donors and beneficiaries, training is crucial to a successful result. When it comes to training in fiduciary standards, IFLC is your number one option.

IFLC’s training programs are designed to:

  • help you achieve your fiduciary potential
  • energize and engage staff
  • enhance leadership potential
  • increase communication skills, and team effectiveness
  • keep you in compliance with regulatory mandates
  • save your organization time and money through improved efficiency.

A new era of fiduciary responsibility has emerged. Get current with what you need to know.

IFLC-CFFS-CertificateLearn about our training program for endowments and foundations and how to earn the CFFS™ designation.

The Certified Foundation Fiduciary Specialist (“CFFS”) course is for consultants, board members, executives, trustees, and investment committee members.

CFFS is a trademark of Fiduciary Supply Management Association