Fiduciary Identity Project

Investment advisors face a turning point instigated by multiple dynamics – regulations, technology, and societal changes.

In order to provide guidance to advisors on how they should respond to those dynamics, IFLC’s Fiduciary Identity Project explores how regulators and market turmoil affect advisors’ business models.

IFLC’s surveys consistently reveal the biggest worry in the investment advice industry is “trust.”

In light of that worry, a key objective of the Fiduciary Identity Project will be to help its participants takeaway effective answers to the question “Why should I trust you with my money?”

Examples of critical topics explored include…

  • Differentiation in a world full of investment fiduciaries;
  • Emergence of robo advisers and their impact on retail clients;
  • 2017 Certification Programs survey and analysis;
  • Excessive fee litigation;
  • Proving compliance with the Impartial Conduct Standards when clients ask;
  • Internal controls compliance framework for the DOL’s fiduciary rule;
  • DOL’s cyber security initiative; and
  • Much more.

We will address the above topics during a series of web-enabled special panel events. Members’ ideas and concerns are accepted and welcomed.

Current IFLC members may register for participation in the Fiduciary Identity Project by notifying our program coordinator. Advisors who wish to participate but are not yet IFLC members may join IFLC on this page and be registered in the project immediately.




Fiduciary Supply Management Association

Concerned about the importance of acquiring services prudently for ERISA qualified employee benefit plans, organizations that sponsor those plans have joined with IFLC to advance professional procurement methods for buyers of ERISA plan services.

The Fiduciary Supply Management Association (“FSMA”) is a national association serving the specialized needs of organizations that sponsor programs qualified under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”).

FSMA is the first organization to establish procurement guidelines for programs that cast a fiduciary duty on the sponsors of those programs. FSMA is a knowledgeable and efficient community of buyers.

FSMA’s procurement guidelines embrace each of the major categories of vendors including such services as:

  • investment advice;
  • pension consulting;
  • recordkeeping;
  • third party administration; and
  • custody of an employee benefit plan’s assets.

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