Service Providers – Benefits

Service Providers – Benefits

Vendors of Fiduciary Support Services

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Any organization that provides comprehensive and continuous investment decisions for its clients; or that exercises discretion in the selection of specific securities for its clients; or that provides administration support services to fiduciary organizations may join IFLC as a service provider.

Service providers that have been certified or rated in a program recognized by IFLC are eligible for immediate membership in IFLC.


Benefits to Members

    Certification Programs Review

    Participate in IFLC’s Service Providers’ Working Group that continuously evaluates the programs offered to fiduciary focused vendors by certification and rating organizations.

    Best Vendor Program

    Admission to FSMA’s participating vendor registry in the “BEST VENDOR” category

    Fiduciary Standards Development

    Participate in the shaping of fiduciary standards of care and the way those standards are communicated to ERISA plan sponsors and foundation executives.

    In Market Events

    Co-sponsored events that focus on organizations that acquire fiduciary support services

Your firm’s membership in IFLC identifies it as an elite provider of fiduciary focused services.

Fill out our application and differentiate your firm in the new fiduciary era.