Foundations – Benefits

Foundations – Benefits

Endowments and Foundations

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IFLC’s non-profit community includes endowments, charitable trusts, and community foundations. Members include chief financial officers, risk management executives, and operations managers.

Through resources available at IFLC, members enjoy insights to the latest trends in regulatory activity in the philanthropy world. IFLC’s unique focus on fiduciary standards of care will elevate your impact and strengthen your organization’s appeal.


Benefits to Members

    Fiduciary Training
    The acclaimed Certified Foundation Fiduciary Specialist program equips foundation executives and consultants to nonprofits with specific steps on how to meet the care required by the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (“UPMIFA”).

    Regulatory Updates
    A voice in how UPMIFA is enforced through IFLC’s interaction with states Attorneys General

    News to keep you current on how fiduciary issues are affecting fund raising and gift planning

    Risk Management
    Guidance on practices that meet the highest standards of care

    Access to experts on fiduciary practices

    Collaboration on Tough Issues
    Executive Leadership Forum for peer interaction and networking

    Standards Development
    Working groups that help shape the fiduciary industry

    Investment Firm Rankings
    As an enrolled member of FSMA gain access to the rankings of investment advisors that serve endowments and foundations

Maintain a sharp image with donors and continuously improve your stewardship of other people’s money.

IFLC is your best source for fiduciary standards and guidance on how to apply them.

Fill out our application and take your place in IFLC’s endowment and foundation community.