Employers – Benefits

Employers – Benefits

Retirement Plan and Welfare Benefit Plan Sponsors

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IFLC is dedicated to the advancement of the ERISA fiduciary profession and those who serve in that capacity.

If your job is selecting and monitoring vendors to your organization’s ERISA retirement plan, you owe it to yourself and your plan’s participants to belong to IFLC. Receive all the benefits described here and be a member of the leading fiduciary standards association.

As a member, you and your organization will be more confident of your abilities because IFLC will keep you up to date on key changes in the fiduciary profession. You will be prepared for the future. You will obtain the benefits of membership in a professional organization. You will be known to support efforts to improve the stature of the fiduciary profession.

Benefits to Members

    Fiduciary Standards

    IFLC’s members have access to ERISA standardized procedures that align with federal and state laws. Developed by working groups madeup of stakeholders in the relevant fiduciary sectors, our standards provide IFLC’s members with specific steps to use for complying with current regulations.


    Members receive white papers on topics relevant to ERISA fiduciary duty, and many other publications.

    Request for Proposal (“RFP”)

    The Department of Labor suggests that retirement plan sponsors should conduct a formal review of their plans’ vendors at least every three years. Yet a formal RFP process can be time consuming and confusing. Retirement plan sponsors that join IFLC are automatically enrolled as members of FSMA and gain access to FSMA’s robust procurement tools and resources.

    Fiduciary Fitness Rankings of Service Providers

    Ever wonder how service providers such as investment firms, third party administrators, custodians, and trustees that serve pension plans stack up against authentic fiduciary support standards? IFLC does it for you and FSMA lists the results in its searchable data base for retirement plan sponsors.


    Members receive discounts on fiduciary training. Web-enabled and self-paced, it makes training easy. It comes with a certificate of completion. Members also receive discounts on seminars approved by IFLC.


    It is a sense of community that is the greatest strength and asset to IFLC and its members who reap the benefits of the combined knowledge, experience, and power of the organization for everything from retirement plan services purchasing insights to fiduciary best practices.

Improve your effectiveness during the time you spend overseeing the assets held in your organization’s employees’ or donors’ trusts. IFLC is your best source for fiduciary services procurement practices and how to apply them.

Fill out our application and take your place in IFLC’s employers community.