IFLC’s Mission

The Investment Fiduciary Leadership Council was organized in 2006 by forward thinking executives within the employee benefit plan community. They represented firms that provide services to programs qualified under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”) and employers that acquire those services.

Fiduciary certification initiatives launched by organizations such as CEFEX and the American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries (“ASPPA“) gained their traction through the support of IFLC’s founding members.

IFLC occupies an important place in the move toward standardized compliance systems for fiduciary organizations. It has developed standards for ERISA retirement plan administrators and executives that manage foundations.

Today, IFLC maintains fiduciary standards and monitors certification initiatives in order to ensure that they remain relevant to the needs of employers that sponsor ERISA qualified plans and endowments that manage contributions for programs designated by donors.

IFLC provides its members a five point framework for advancing excellence among organizations that act in a trust capacity for others.

  • Advocacy – Serve as the international proponent of best practices for investment stewards (employee benefit plans and trusts), investment managers, investment advisors, and recordkeeping firms against uniform relevant standards, developed and maintained with input from all stakeholders, and unfettered by profit interests.
  • Certification and Integrity – Promote the highest possible level of certification standards and evaluate ongoing the integrity of fiduciary certification programs such as those currently sponsored by CEFEX, ASPPA, and the Fiduciary Supply Management Association (“FSMA“).
  • Communications – Promote public awareness and confidence in the integrity, objectivity, competence, and professionalism of its members and monitor their needs and views.
  • Recruiting and Education – Encourage Investment Stewards and their Service Providers to seek certification and support the development of awareness of practice standards among fiduciary organizations, the media, and governments.
  • Standards and Performance – Provide input to standards developers on ways to further enhance their certification programs; assist members in continually improving their professional conduct, performance and expertise; and monitor such performance to encourage adherence to current standards.