Directors, executives, and operations staff members are under increasing pressure to display convincing prudence to their donors. Volatile investment markets and recurring investment scandals intensify the stress.

The need to demonstrate the highest level of competency in managing donations is a major reason that foundations and endowments join IFLC.

They rely on IFLC’s training program to ensure competency on fiduciary issues.

Training is just one reason that endowments and foundations join IFLC. Here a few more.:

  • Methods for managing investment decisions are non-standard throughout the foundation community.
  • Fiduciary training is largely absent within the foundation and endowment community.
  • The lack of trained fiduciaries and standards opens the door for vendors of investment and administrative services to unduly influence critical money decisions.
  • Directors and executives desire membership in a peer group that advocates and develops standards.
  • Regulatory activity is increasing from attorneys’ general who are using UPMIFA as their tool.
  • Standardized methods are needed to assuage donors’ fears and to meet UPMIFA’s rules.
  • IFLC’s resources and networking power are built around a mission that is focused solely on fiduciary issues.

We provide powerful advantages to foundations and endowments that want to maintain a high level of stewardship excellence.


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