The U.S. Department of Labor expects an advanced level of competency from the individuals that manage ERISA qualified employee benefit plans, especially retirement plans.

Financial executives and human resource managers that join IFLC preempt questions about their commitment to performing their fiduciary role at a high level.

That role is not intuitive. It requires a well defined blueprint, written in step-by-step fashion, that layouts a framework for effectiveness and organizational safety. IFLC’s fiduciary standards make that possible.

The forces that drive the need for specific ways to perform the fiduciary role include;

  • Most people who manage their organization’s retirement plan complex are employed as full time business managers, not professional fiduciaries.
  • The lack of fiduciary standards subjects all pension officials to questions about the relevancy of their practices and how they are verified.
  • Belonging to a peer group that advocates and develops standards is a great way to ensure that employees gain the trust you want them to have.
  • Membership in a community of peers that share best practices demonstrates your intention to pursue excellence.
  • IFLC’s resources, direct access to hundreds of pension plan executives, combined with our way of thinking, make exclusive benefits for IFLC’s members.

IFLC is focused solely on fiduciary issues. We provide powerful advantages to retirement plan sponsors that are concerned about doing the right things the right way.


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